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Chris Carton

Well Examiner

Chris is a Chemical Engineering graduate with over 26 years operations and well engineering experience with Service and Operating companies.

Starting off with Halliburton, he worked as a Drilling Fluids Engineer, before becoming a Directional Driller and Co-ordinator. During this time Chris worked in numerous locations in the UK, EIS, Germany, East Africa, Oman, Algeria and Canada. He is familiar with the planning and operation of many types of fluids and drilling systems, used on all types of short, medium and long radius wells.

Moving into Well Engineering in 2006 Chris worked mainly with medium and large operators, living and working in both the UK and Norway. Chris is experienced in platform and MODU drilling and abandonment operations, both as standalone activities and as campaigns. He has worked as both SDE and Superintendent and has extensive planning and operational experience in the UK CNS, SNS, West of Shetland, EIS and Norway.