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Chris Dykes International is one of the oil and gas industry’s leading well examination and well integrity verification service providers.

Established in 2002 by Chris Dykes, the company has built up a reputation for providing value adding well examination and well integrity verification services to Operators in the UK and internationally.

New and existing wells are examined by an independent competent person throughout the complete well life cycle, from initial design through to final abandonment.

This has been a legal requirement in the UK since 1996 and it is now a legal requirement in all EU countries since the recent introduction of the EU Directive on Offshore Safety.


Over 200 years collective technical management and supervisory experience in the well construction business.


Fully versed in regulatory regimes, standards and practices and accredited as one of the world’s leading Well Examiners.


Onshore, Offshore and Arctic experience with land rigs, jack-ups, semi-subs and diving support vessels.


Proven track record in the preparation, implementation and maintenance of well engineering and management systems.

Chris Dykes International provides a responsive and high-quality service

We have provided well examination services to more than 35 operators and well management organisations. We also provide general well engineering and technical support to numerous organisations worldwide.